I, Zakir Ali (born 1/7/1968) was the name of my father late Mohd. Ayub Khan urf Bubban Diwana. I wanted to have passion in music since childhood, so my father, late Mohd.  Ayub Khan urf  Bubban Diwana, looking at my wish, I started teaching classical music and I used to go with him in his programs from the age of eight years because my father was a famous singer of Kothivan gharana and also  connected to the Mohaz Khan and Madar Khan Kothivan gharana and baani.  I learned the so many style and raag of classical music, qawwali and ghazal songs from my father and continued to go along with them in the program besides doing separate programs also. In 1999, my Father and Master Late Mohd Ayub Khan urf  Bubban Diwana died.

     I have also given my qawwali program and performance in India and many other countries and Insha Allah will continue to do it. I have got the opportunity to visit abroad when I have met to Shai Bin Tzur.   Shai Bin Tzur is a very good music director and composer of israel, and there is also a very good poet of Hebrew language.

     Once I was presenting qawwali in Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah in ajmer, then I met with Shai Bin Tzur, he was impressed with my singing and said to me  for sing a song in hebrew accents (Israeli language)  when he was come to my house. I sing a song in hebrew accents for them.

     After that we work together always and we created many songs and albums like Shoshan, Hayam etc. Our albums (sung in Hebrew) language were very famous in Israel and we were invited for live performance, our performance was very much like the people of Israel. After that we started getting the chance to perform abroad and there was also a chance to join the many music group and music festival.

     In the meantime, I met Johnny Greenwood by Shai (which is connected to the Radio Head Music Group). After some time Johnny Greenwood came in my home with Shai Bin Tzur and he has discussed with me about your plans, they want to make an album and a documentary film with the collaboration of Mr. Paul Thomas Ederson.

     Which was released on October 8, 2015 under the name of the junun album. The director of this junun album was Mr. Pal Thomas Anderson, Music Director Shai Bin Tzur, Johnny Greenwood and other artists performed in this album (which were made by the name of Rajasthan Express).I (Zakir Ali) and Zaki Ali (My older brother) perform in this album as singer.

     This junun album has achieved great success, and this music group became known as the junun Rajasthan Express in the world. We have done many live Program and Performance by Radio Head Music Group and by Shai Bin Tzur in many countries of the world. I have already given detail about our given live performance and programs in the column of tour in this website. I have been recognized as a singer in different countries through Radio Head and through Shai Bin Tzur. I heartily thanks to Mr.Jonny Greenwood and Shai Bin Tzur.

     In this endless journey of music, One day I realized that why should I not make a platform through which people who are in this journey always stay connected to me. That’s why I created the Gulshane Chishtiya Sufi Music Group (Establishment Date 8 December 2017 and Registration Number SCA / 2017/1/135314) So that I always stay connected to the music world so that I can always to serve for music related person.


Remember me always in your prayers


Give me opportunity to serve you

Allah Haafiz